Building tomorrow

General Construction is among the leading engineering, project management and construction company in Mauritius. The exceptional track record built over 60 years demonstrates our capacity to deliver innovative solutions across a wide range of sectors, to the highest quality standards.



Our people are at the heart of our achievements. Their human qualities as much as their skills make all the difference, giving us both the ability and confidence to steer some of the most groundbreaking projects.

Our relentless commitment to invest in their personal and professional growth creates great teams, empowered to tackle future challenges.


Operational agility is a prerequisite for timely delivery. Our comprehensive integrated logistics and corporate services ensure synergy in the workplace, managing and coordinating the flow of information and the availability of resources.

Digital technologies, developed
optimise our operations with substantial benefits for our clients, our people and not least, our environment.


Innovation lies at the very founda-
tion of our growth. Spanning from the way we think to the way we work, it adds value to everything we do.

As we engage ourselves and our people in the development of smarter means to deliver, innovation pushes the limits further, fostering new dynamics for better performance, enhanced efficiency and more sustainable solutions.

Regardless of size, complexity and nature, every project is a challenge, rooted in our core belief that people thrive in great environments. This intuitively calls us to put all our heart into every single aspect of the projects we handle, to create more fulfilling and rewarding experiences. For our clients, our people and all those who come across them, today and tomorrow.


Communicating with our people as members of the General Construction’s big family features among our topmost priorities.

For over 30 years now, our corporate publication L’Aplomb is the channel that informs, engages and motivates our staff. Besides updates on company activities, projects and developments, the magazine dedicates a major part of its contents to our people and their contribution in the work environment and beyond.

We shall always work to leave behind a legacy which will be an inspiration for our generation and the ones to come.