We, at General Construction, see training and personal development as imperatives in a world of constant change and innovation. Since 1991, our people have benefitted from our in-house Registered Training Centre to develop their skills and potential further. The facility caters for both theoretical and practical courses, which are delivered by full-time trainers and visiting specialists as well.


Integrated Logistics & Corporate Services

The strength and reliability of our Integrated Logistics and Corporate Services give us the capacity and confidence to rise to the increasingly complex challenges in the construction industry.

Our smart technologies and systems, coupled with human expertise in broad spectrum of specialised fields, enable highly efficient working practices across the organization.

The comprehensive in-house capabilities bring every aspect of projects under intensive expert scrutiny, at all stages and much of it, in real time. This safeguards certainty of outcome and timely delivery, within budget.

Besides creating fluid workflows, the innovative, integrated framework generates solutions which simplify our processes and streamline our operations as well. It supports our endeavour to manage resources in a responsible way and to reduce our carbon footprint, while boosting productivity, clients’ satisfaction and not least, the morale of our people.

Our Plant & Equipment Service Centre manages the comprehensive array of tools, machinery and vehicles at our disposal for diverse project needs: hundreds of heavy duty machines and vehicles, some 2000 smaller pieces of equipment and a huge scaffolding stock, amongst others, are available from our two sites, located at Plaine Lauzun and St Martin.

Our large fleet of vehicles ensures safe delivery of different items to worksites and service centers, just in time. From concrete mix to plant and hardware, all transport requirements are sharply coordinated and managed to create the best working conditions on-site, with minimum costs and wastage.

Our Procurement Centre processes all material requests sent online by worksites and ensures their timely delivery. Worksites can track the progress online. They can also rely on the efficiency of the Procurement Centre to manage sourcing agreements, worksites stores inventories and much more.

Our Steel Bending Yard manages Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) issuance, cutting list preparation, approval for steel production and final delivery to sites. Much of the process is online: from the initial structural drawings sent for BBS issuance, to their final approval. Production then takes place, with the use of high-end steel bending and cutting machines.

Our Precast Yard is involved in the preparation of technical data for our Precast production yard. This is carried out after the online reception and approval of drawings from sites and our Engineering department. Our Concrete Mix Plants supplies most of our concrete mix requirements both for precast elements and for in-situ casting. Our laboratories are well equipped to control and report on the quality and standards of concrete produced and cast.

Our I.S department manages and optimizes information flow and coordination among all our core operations. Its high-end, innovative and dedicated integrated systems enable intelligent decision-making, cost-efficiencies across our working structure and ensure Financial information timeliness and consistency.

Our Engineering and Technical Support Department provides all technical support required in the projects life-cycle including alternative designs (structural and civil), design reviews and value-engineering, design of temporary works, methodology and planning, support to QS Estimating division, drafting and drawings issuance and management, and any other technical assistance that may be required by sites and other divisions.

The department is manned with a large team of Quantity Surveyors, based at our Head Quarters and on-site as well. With seamless digital applications allowing for project visibility throughout the construction life cycle, the two divisions, namely Estimating and Post-Contracting, are geared to ensure effective cost and risk management.

Our Financial and Administrative services are built on solid foundations and provide accurate and efficient Cost and Revenue controls critical to projects financial success. We've always aligned our Financial approach with our mission which is to always leave a strong legacy behind us and to keep building a strong tomorrow.

Our HR & D department takes care of all human resource-related aspects of the company, ensuring the availability and quality of the workforce at all times. It also assists in labour management and provisioning to sites, and in the transport of labour logistic service. Furthermore, the department manages our in-house Training School and the training needs of our staff.


Every day, innovation is giving us more power and means to manage and deliver with extra value. The capacity to apply leaner processes at different stages of project development and implementation reduces significantly resources and costs, without compromising on quality, functionality and reliability.

Our Engineering and Technical Support Department is staffed with competent and experienced engineers and equipped with latest analytical tools to provide our clients with smart alternative solutions with respect to infrastructure, structures, building materials and construction techniques. Such alternatives create more with less, and the projects are designed for extended life cycles.

Innovation endows our I.S department with sophisticated tools and systems to increase efficiencies, enabling the smart coordination of vital aspects of our operations. As the central network that bridges all our core departments including finance, logistics, administration, human resources and production, it optimizes conditions for minimal lead-time and faster operations.

In return, projects are delivered on time, within budget and always with the General Construction quality standards.

Architectural creativity is setting new challenges for the construction industry, while environmental consideration is, more than ever, a prerequisite. These call for a fresh approach in the way we build.

Our off-site production and preassembly facility are already broadening the scope for even more inspiring landmarks in the Mauritian skyline.