In the words of our founder, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, L’Aplomb is ‘our family album’. In fact, for more than a quarter of a century now, our special magazine has been sharing company news to each and every one at General Construction. Besides project-related articles and highlights on various departments, a large part of its contents is devoted to our people. L’Aplomb is published in French.

L’APLOMB nº 59

September 2023

L’APLOMB nº 58

June 2022

L’APLOMB nº 57

June 2021

L’APLOMB nº 56

September 2019

L’APLOMB nº 55

September 2018

L’APLOMB nº 54

September 2017

L’APLOMB nº 53

September 2016

L’APLOMB nº 52

May 2015

L’APLOMB nº 51

May 2014

L’APLOMB nº 50

July 2013

L’APLOMB nº 49

May 2012

L’APLOMB nº 48

April 2011