Some scaffoldings, a concrete mixer, a handful of men and a small office in the harbour area – from humble beginnings in August 1958, General Construction has grown to become one of the most trusted brands in engineering, project management and construction in Mauritius. Integrity, together with a unique spirit of collaboration and dedication on one hand, and expertise, coupled with uncompromising standards and continuous investment in innovative technologies on the other, have been at the root of strong partnerships.

Over six decades, our clients, both public and private, have entrusted us with some of the most iconic and challenging projects. This spans to deliver across major sectors of the economy including hospitality, infrastructure, business, commercial, industrial and civil works. Our achievements bring us to look forward to our future, upholding the vision and timeless values of our founders.


Azuri Project Team

Our culture revolves essentially around people. In fact, our core values stand as guiding principles for both employees’ wellbeing and clients’ satisfaction.

They are expressed in simple words and vivid imageries that allow the General Construction workforce and staff to live them to the fullest.

As a whole, they translate the importance we ascribe to the invaluable contribution of all our people, regardless of their position in the work process, to the company’s growth and reputation.



Nou pou touzour travail pou laisse ene l’empreinte ki inspire nou generation ek ban generations a venir.

We shall always work to leave behind a legacy, which will inspire our own generation and the ones to come.

With the simple picture of the footprint, to which all our people can relate, our vision in creole elevates our role as builders. At the same time, it boldly sets a benchmark regarding our contribution to society as we bring our clients’ projects to life. Loaded with a sense of commitment and dedication, the line resonates like a call for each one of us at General Construction, to give our very best to deliver works of heart, with timeless value and creativeness.

our visual identity & positioning statement

Our heart-shaped logo and our positioning statement are the pillars of our rebranding. In synergy, they communicate the most important traits of our brand personality that have remained constant over time. Embodying subtly in its graphic curves the shapes of the letters g and c, the symbol reflects our distinct image of ‘the company with a heart’, placing human consideration at the centre of everything we do. Its vibrant colours are in perfect harmony with the positioning line, which describes the passion and dedication in our way of working: with all our heart, we give our best as we serve our clients and contribute to the building of tomorrow.

We work with all our heart

our commitment to building a better society

Our corporate culture, which rests firmly on ethics and integrity, respect and fairness also focusses on our responsibility to care for the community and to sustain the environment for the coming generations.

As a caring corporate citizen, General Construction has been providing support to several initiatives, both short- and long-term, as part of its contribution to building better futures. For our employees. For their children. For the needy and less fortunate. For those who need hope. It is all about building people – for their own benefit and for the community at large.